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UPDATE: Sept. 28, 2016
Unfotunately, Porta-Kamp was unable to achieve the pre-sales they were looking for, and therefore will not be manufacturing the Tail Feather Camper.


August 14, 2016 - Teal International Corporation has entered into a Letter of Intent to allow Porta-Kamp LLC of Houston, Texas to manufacturer and market the Tail Feather Camper. Porta-Kamp has been a world leader in providing housing for work camps, offices and support items for sixty years. The company is now taking pre-production orders and expects to be in production by October.



March 20, 2016 - In April of last year, Teal International Corporation entered into a supply agreement with a Chinese company that required all of our production capabilities. As a result we had to suspend production for the domestic market. That contract has now ended and we are investigating ways of returning to the North American markets with our "Made in Colorado" products.

We hope to begin production of both the Tail Feather Campers and Quite Lite Shelters for the American market early this Spring. Please watch our websites for more updated information or add your contact information to our



April 10, 2015 - Teal International Corporation is in the process of reorganizing. During this timeTail Feather Camper production has been suspended indefenately. We apologize to those who have been following our progress and had plans to purchase a camper in the near future. We have found a new opportunity for our modular campers and shelters, which requires a large scale up. This will take some time to accomplish. Please check back from time to time for updates.



Loading a container

March 25, 2014 - This month Tail Feather Camper Kits have been shipped from Colorado to the southern shores of Australia, the northern reaches of Alaska, the banks of Niagara Falls, and points in between. Some have traveled in groups to distant ports, while others were delivered door-to-door to the owners home.

Single campers are shipped on two pallets, each approximately 5' x 3.5'. The parts nest together to make compact packages and are assembled in a few hours by the customer with nothing but a screwdriver. Multiple camper kits are even more compact, getting twelve campers on a single truck.



October 1, 2013 - Teal International Corporation has teamed up with Peak Engineering and Automation to put the Tail Feather Camper into full production. Peak Engineering has recently added 30,000 square feet of manufacturing facility and will be doing the final assembly on the camper kits. Parts are already arriving and the first production campers are scheduled to ship the last week of October. Lead time is 30 days from the date orders are received.



roof production
Camper roofs get vents and skylights

July 12, 2013 - Orders continue to be filled from the R&D shop as we prepare for full scale production. Each step of the assembly process is analyzed and evaluated for efficiency and improvement as plans for the production facility are finalized. Customers receiving campers during this time have the advantage of each and every part getting personal attention from the inventor and president of the company, Lawrence Drake. "We want happy customers," Drake says, "and that means making sure our campers and shelters perform as good or better than advertised."

Lead time is still running about 45 days as the backlog builds. "We are looking forward to the day when we have an inventory of parts in the warehouse and a turn around of a week or less." says Drake. "My goal is to ship a camper or shelter kit within 24 hours of receiving the order by the first of next year."



Mike Eaton
Mike Eaton

July 11, 2013 - Mike Eaton has been a long time supporter and consultant for our Tail Feather Camper and Shelter project. Mike has extensive experience in business and project management. He teaches business classes all over the world to some of the most successful corporations around. We are pleased to announce that Mike not only accepted the position of Vice President in charge of Sales and Marketing, he is now a partner as well.

Mike would love to hear from you. He enjoys talking camping and will help you determine if a Tail Feather Camper or Shelter would fit your lifestyle. Give him a call at his direct number, 1 970 744-3624 or email mike@tealcamper.com



camper shipment
A fully outfitted 5x10 camper ready to ship

May 31, 2013 - Even though the company is not yet in a production facility, we continue to produce campers and shelters on a limited basis from our small R&D shop. Lead time is running about 45 days.

We hope to be in our new facility in the not too distant future, which will significantly reduce turnaround times. In the mean time, we are processing orders on a "first in first out" basis as quickly as we can. Don't delay. Get your order in now.


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