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Tail Feather Camper History

In the summer of 2009, Lawrence Drake's daughter asked him to go camping with her and her young family in Rocky Mountain National Park. In his search for a camper he could pull with his small SUV having only a 1,000 pound towing capacity, he came up short. That led to the idea for a lightweight camper that could be quickly mounted on his small utility trailer. Wingover LLC was formed to develope the idea and embark on a four year development project to bring the Tail Feather to market so others could enjoy the convenience and practicality of the modular camper.

The camper prototype met all the original design objectives with some additional bonus features like a swing out window design and collapsible cabinets. Its modular design allows it to adapt to several size utility trailers or pickup beds. And it is definitely light weight, well within the 1,000 lb. towing capacity of a small SUV.

Unforeseen in the original concept was the adaptability of the design to many other applications such as ice fishing huts, emergency shelters and even temporary housing.

A United States patent was issued on the unique modular design and it was christened the Teal Camper after the Teal duck because of its small, light features and good looks that belong in the outdoors. Current models are dubbed the Tail Feather campers and Quite Lite Shelters.

Production has moved from a development shop to a production facility capable of producing campers and shelters in volume. Currently all manufacturing is done in Colorado.

Teal Global Enterprises, LLC is dedicated to providing its customers with a rewarding and enjoyable experience through high quality, useful products.



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