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Get Paid For Camping

We know that when you take your Tail Feather Camper on the road or set up your Tail Feather Shelter it will attract a lot of attention. People will ask about it and want to know where you got it. We not only want you to feel the pride of owning this unique modular shelter, we would like to reward you for sharing it with others.

Earn Dollars Just For Talking About Your Tail Feather

For each person that you refer to us that purchases a Tail Feather Camper or Shelter we will send you a check for $200. it is as simple as that.

How it Works

Once you receive your camper or shelter, sign up for our referral program and we will send you Referral Cards with your personal Referral Code. Anytime a person purchases a camper or shelter from us using your Referral Code, we will send you a check.

You can choose to be on our Referral List (optional). We send potential customers in your area who want to see a Tail Feather Camper or Shelter your contact information. All you have to do is show them your camper or shelter and give them your Referral Code. To assure that they use your code, you may want to follow up or help them through the ordering process.

To sign up contact us at:

Teal International Corporation
(970) 744-6568





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