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Tail Feather Camper Kit - Model 8.0


Model 8.0 photo


fits a 5' x 8'
utility trailer,
double rear doors

Tail Feather campers can be assembled on your trailer permanently or taken apart when not in use and stored away. All the parts nest neatly into a compact space. No part weighs over 35 pounds so they are easy to handle.


• actual footprint dimension: 4'-11 1/2" x 7'-10"
• living space: 6'-1" x 8'-4 1/2"
• ceiling height: 6'-2"

  • base kit weight: 372 lbs
  • turnkey camper weight: 487 lbs
  • typical weight with trailer: under 900 lbs



4 - basic side panels with tie down rings
4 - side panels with operating windows and screens
2 - side panels with fixed windows
2 - insulated corner panels
1 - double doorframe assembly and hardware
1 - roof with 2 skylights and 2 vents
1 - floor liner
1 - power panel with 120VAC/12VDC 15 amp
2 - LED ceiling lights
1 - dinette/full size bed
1 - cushion set
1 - counter with sink, faucet, pump and 5 gal. reservoir
1 - Hanging 3-shelf closet

For Wood Workers:
Want to build your own cabinets? Plans are available.



• Tow with small SUV or the family car. The Tail Feather Model 8.0 Camper/utility trailer typically weighs less than 1,000 pounds.

• A great toy hauler. The double doors on the back and folding furnishings allow loading in a motorcycle, small ATV, bicycles, lawn tractor, etc., making it far more than just a camper.

• Stand, sit and sleep. The dinette/bed set provides seating for four adults and converts to a bed when the table is lowered. The standard bed sleeps across the end of the camper and is 6'-1" long. For those wanting a longer bed, optional jump seats allow the bed to set up lengthwise, making it 6' wide by 6'-6" long.

• Plenty of storage. The hanging cabinet, bench seats and counter provide lots of storage space. These are collapsible and quickly removed when needed.

• Warm and dry. The insulated panels and heavy vinyl floor liner isolate the interior of the camper from moisture and dust.




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