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Frequently Asked Questions

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Go Button Can I put a camper on my large toy hauling trailer?

A Tail Feather camper can be mounted on a larger trailer such as a toy hauler, leaving room for ATV's while still having a camper to sleep in.

Go Button Can I make my camper wider than the 5 foot floorplan?

Tail Feather camper widths are limited by the molded roof width. A 5 foot width is the widest available at this time. The 5 foot width provides a 6 foot span on the inside due to the angling out of the panels above the 1 foot level.

Go Button Does my trailer need side rails?

Trailer side rails or side walls are not required as long as there are tie down points available and the trailer bed is solid. Some small flatbed trailers are too flexible to make a good foundation for the Tail Feather campers. Side walls or rails should not be higher than 12 inches. Trailers with higher rails or walls will require a spacer, such as foam board beneath plywood, to raise the camper enough to clear the rails or walls.

Go Button My trailer has side rails but I want a side door camper?

To accommodate a side door camper the side rail must be removed in the area of the side door. Check with your trailer manufacturer to see if removing the side rail in that area will affect the structural inegrity of the trailer. In most cases this will not be a problem.






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