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Frequently Asked Questions

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Go Button How heavy will the trailer tongue be?

Tongue weight all depends on the trailer and how the load is balanced. The weight of the Tail Feather shell is equally distributed over the length of the camper. If your trailer has a heavy tongue when empty, it will probably be heavy when loaded. The placement of the load over the axle determines the weight of the tongue. A typical utility trailer places 60% of the trailer length in front of the axle.

Caution: A tongue which is too light can cause trailer sway that can create a dangerous situation. Pay particular attention to tongue weight when using a tilt trailer since their axles are generally placed closer to the center of the load to allow tipping of the bed.

Go Button How are the campers and shelters heated?

The Tail Feather camper does not currently come with a heater. There are, however, propane, butane and electric heaters approved for camper and tent heating. The Tail Feather campers and shelters are well insulated making these heaters very effective.

Go Button How about air conditioning?

While the Tail Feather camper's modular, lightweight design is not particularly suited to heavy air conditioners, a wall panel can be modified to accept a small window air conditioner. The air conditioner must be removed during travel. A modified panel is offered as an option.

Go Button How quickly can I receive my camper?

Depending on our production schedule, campers can take up to 60 days to ship. If we have parts in stock, they can ship within one week. Shipping transit time to a US address takes about 5 days.

Go Button Are the Tail Feather campers and shelters leak proof?

The campers and shelters are designed with weather resistant seals between the panels, roof sections and doorfame seams. The floor liner isolates the interior of the camper from moisture and dirt from below. Since the campers and shelters are supplied in kit form, proper assembly is required to minimize any potential leaks. While we cannot claim the campers and shelters are "leak proof," leaks are rare and easily dealt with in most cases if they occur.

Go Button Can I purchase parts separately for my own design?

You are welcome to purchase panels and parts to create your own shelter design. Visit the Design-It-Yourself in the Online Store. Keep in mind that we will warrant parts against manufacture defect, but we cannot warrant a camper or shelter that is not of our design.

Go Button Can I make my camper or shelter longer than 10 feet?

Although Tail Feather campers and shelters can be extended beyond 10 feet in length by simply adding more side panels and roof center sections, they have not been road tested at a length beyond 10 feet. Additional bracing may be required.






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