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Frequently Asked Questions

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Go Button Why make a camper out of plastic?

Plastic has many adantages over traditional camper materials such as wood, aluminum and fiberglass. It can be molded into any shape, it is extremely durable and light weight. Plastic resists mold and mildew, and is corrosion proof. Plastic is also recylable.

Go Button Is plastic safe for me and the environment?

We use only plastics that are completely safe and free from toxic fumes or emissions.  These are heavily regulated by the EPA for your safety.  Polyethylene and ABS used in our panels are two of the safest plastics available.

Go Button Will the camper hold up in the hot sun or extreme cold?

The materials we use are UV protected to provide long life in the sun. Our campers have been field tested for years in summer heat and sub-zero winters.

Go Button Will the Tail Feather Camper fit on my pickup truck?

The base of the camper is 4'-11" wide, which is too wide to fit between the wheel wells of most standard pickups.

Go Button Can I use a bolt-together trailer like those offered at Harbor Freight?

Most do-it-yourself bolt-together trailers are very flexible and do not make a good platform for Tail Feather campers. They are not recommended even though they may be rated to handle the weight. It is possible to add support to the trailer, but it would be wiser to purchase a more substantial trailer.

Go Button How long will it take to assemble my camper... really?

With a little practice, it is possible for one person to assemble a camper or shelter in about an hour. Much depends on a persons abilities and skill levels. Although a screwdriver (electric preferred) is the only tool required, it is important to follow the sequence laid out in the instructions. A relatively easy task can be made quite difficult if done out of order. To some the assembly seems complex and may take many hours. To others it is simple, intuitive and assembled within a couple of hours first time right out of the box.

Go Button Can I travel with the camper set up on the trailer?

The Tail Feather camper is designed to travel on a utility trailer fully assembled. The camper tows extremely well at highway speeds. It is only limited by the utility trailer's capability.

Go Button How do I secure the camper to my trailer?

Each side panel on the camper has a tiedown ring and a floor brakcet. Tiedown straps or turnbuckles can be used to secure the camper to tiedown points on the trailer, or the camper can be mounted directly to the floor of the trailer with our floor brackets.







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