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patent US/8,082,698



The roof system has a strong aluminum frame which comes in sections that are easily bolted together. It is very light weight but can handle heavy snow loads and high winds.

rectangular roof photo rectangular roof canvas
rectangular roof frame
  The strong aluminum trusses are joined with a screwdriver, and break down into a small, light package for shipping or storage A thick Dacron insulation liner is laid over the frame and held in place with Velcro. A heavy vinyl roof cover is fitted over the insulation, and lashed down tight to the frame rails The roof can be assembled in place on the shelter, or separately, and then lifted onto the shelter easily by two people.
  Roof Vent LED Light Roof Insulation
  Roof includes one or more 14" x 14" screened roof vents Powerful 12V DC, 130 Lumen LED lights are included with each roof. The Dacron roof insulation is sandwiched between an external heavy duty tent vinyl and a nylon inner liner


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