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patent US/8,082,698

3-shelf hanging closethanging wardrobe


These soft sided hanging cabinets are made from heavy duty woven polyester fabric. The wardrobe has a single compartment with a hard shelf bottom and a ring for hanging clothes. The three-shelf unit has three zippered compartments. The cabinets hang from the top of the side walls and clip to the D-ring in the wall panel. They fold down flat when not in use.

hanging wardrobe
hanging wardrobe
Hanging Shelves
hanging shelves
side countersink counter


The 32" tall soft sided counters attach quickly too the threaded inserts molded into the wall panels. The counter top is molded from durable ABS and is 21" wide by 20" deep. The cabinet body is made from a rugged woven polyester fabric with a tube frame for support. Two zippered compartments are separated by a hard shelf. The cabinets fold flat for storage.

standard and sink cabinets

Side Cabinet
collapsible cabinet

water system


A side counter can be equipped with a water system that includes a 5 gal. fresh water jug, 5 gal. gray water jug, collapsible sink, 12 volt submersible pump, and a single faucet with a electric switch. The system comes with a 6' extension chord with a 12 volt power plug that can be plugged into our Power Panel or any 12 volt cigarette lighter type outlet.

collapsible sink
sink photo
sink counter
bench seat


The 42" long bench seat has welded aluminum frame with a rugged woven polyester fabric storage compartment that collapses flat when stowed away. 3" thick cushions are available, complete with Velcro bars that attach to the wall threaded inserts. The bench is designed to fit the contour of the wall and clips to the wall D-rings.

A light weight 42" x 24" folding table with a PVC top is also available.

Bench Seat
folding table and bench


folding table

Power Panel


The Power Panel is a wall panel that incorporates a Power Center equipped with 120V/15 Amp outlets. It also has 12 VDC outlets and a USB charger. A connector is provided to hook up 12 Volt LED ceiling lights. The external side of the panel has and inlet for 120 VAC.

The panel comes in a basic 15 amp panel, or a loaded 30 amp panel. 220V panels are optional with European or Asian outlets.

One or more Power Panels can be substituted for any wall panel and placed anywhere in the shelter walls.

Power Center Panel
power center panel

Power Plugins
power inlets


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