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Floor Liner

Whether assembeld on the ground, concrete pad, or raised deck, we can provide a heavy vinyl liner for ground cover that extends up the inside wall approximately two inches to prevent moisture or dust from entering.

Use the floor liner as is, or cover it with a throw rug, indoor outdoor carpet, rubber mat, floor tiles, etc.

floor liner

floor liner  

Floor Tiles

Modular floor tiles are available from various sources. Purchase foam tiles at a home improvement store, or heavy duty tiles made specifically for commercial tents.

The tiles shown here are available online from www.greatmats.com. Prices vary from $2 to $4 per square foot.

foam floor tiles perforated floor tiles
plastic floor tiles

Raised Deck

For semi-permanent shelters, a raised deck is prefered. This can be a simple post and joist affair with 3/4" plywood or plank decking. We provide a heavy vinyl floor liner to prevent moisture an dust from entering. Foam board insulation under the raised decking is recommended in cold climates.

deck frame deck  


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