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patent US/8,082,698

USED PROTOTYPE FOR SALE - $2995 (wholesale value new $7,000)

WHERE-IS, AS-IS: The shelter is currently disassembled and available for pickup in Loveland,Colorado. Assembly instructions and assembly video are provided.

SHELTER: This 8' x 16' portable shelter consists of panels molded from tough, UV protected, polyethylene plastic, filled with urethane foam for superb insulation. The roof is an insulated heavy vinyl tent covering stretched over an aluminum frame. It contains four 12V LED lights. There are eight screened tilt out windows and one large picture window. The insulated door has a key lock with sliding bolt. Door frame and wall height is 5 foot. Ceiling height is over 7 foot. The shelter can be placed on the ground, concrete slab, or a raised deck. The floor is not included.

ASSEMBLY: Two people can assemble the shelter in a couple of hours or less with only a screwdriver.

PROTOTYPE: This particular shelter is a prototype. The panels are a mixture from various stages of development and production.

CONDITION: Has some wear and tear with a few mis-matched parts as various versions were tested. Showed no signs of leaking when assembled. Electrical panel is not included. Some seals may need replacing but this is easily done. Replacement seals will be provided. Some panels are filled with foam beads, some with foamed in place urethane. Panels are extremely tough.

CONTACT: ldrake@tealinternational.com
PHONE: 970 744-6568

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