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Quite Lite Shelters are a product of Teal Global Enterprises, LLC

On August 1, 2017, Teal Global Enterprises, LLC, based in Longmont, Colorado, acquired the exclisive license to manufacturer and market these remarkable shelters.

The Quite Lite Modular Panel System was created by Lawrence Drake in 2009 and developed over a four year period. What started out as a retirement project to create a small camper for utility trailers grew into a solution for a variety of applications where a light weight, portable, modular shelter was needed. Drake applied his experience in aviation construction as well as manufacturing to come up with a novel approach to both campers and shelters. The result is a very rugged structure that assembles with only a screwdriver in a short time. All the parts nest together for compact storage and shipping.

A team of suppliers and talented individuals was assemble to produce the Quite Lite Moidore Kits for the various applications. What started out in a shop behind Drake's house has moved to a modern manufacturing facility equipped to handle moderate volume of shelters. As demand grows, production will be scaled up to meet it.

Shelters have been shipped to locations across the country including the northern reaches of Alaska, as well as to India, Australia, Korea, China and Taiwan with more request arriving regularly. The team is excited about the possibilities and is ready to assist with the application of Quite Lite Shelters to any need.







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Quite Lite Shelters and Tail Feather Campers are products of Teal Global Enterprises, LLC.
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